We asked Roche why they wanted to collaborate on this year’s FemTechnology Summit. Check out their answer and take a look at the beautiful venue for the FemTechnology Summit 2023!

Next to the Gender Data Gap we will be discussing the following topics in our workshops
  • Link Between Gender and Effective Therapy in Medicine
  • Women-Centric Cancer Care
  • Financing Innovation In Women’s Health 
  • Business Case for Women’s Health 
  • Redesigning Healthcare with Women in Mind: a Lifecycle Perspective to Women’s Health
  • ESG alignment on women’s health
We’re trying to make this year’s Summit as impactful as possible – we would love to hear:
  • What are you most excited about regarding women’s health? This could be a particularly promising research field, a shift in attitudes, or upcoming policy changes.
  • What are the biggest challenges you face when it comes to innovating in women’s health?
  • Who are the most impactful stakeholders that we should invite to the summit? Should we focus on policy makers, insurance companies, or heads of clinics?
  • If we could help you overcome ONE obstacle in terms of innovating in women’s health, what would it be?
Tell us your thoughts here!

If you’re interested in partnering or have any questions, please contact us at: contact@femtechnology.org



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