Bringing together stakeholders across the whole ecosystem – the FemTechnology Summit offers up a platform to showcase the latest breakthroughs, best practices and patient needs in women’s health. 

FemTechnology Summit brings together FemTech Startups, Chief Clinicians, Groundbreaking Researchers and University Students to provide a 360 degree perspective on innovation in women’s health.

Experts and audience members originate from all around the world  at various stages  in their FemTech journey – from seasoned veterans to enthusiasts, to others simply seeking to understand what the term ‘FemTech’ even means. 

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Our Team
Oriana Kraft, Producer + Founder
Working on the future of women's health by building it. Graduated from ETH Zurich with a Bachelors degree in Human Medicine, Oriana is the founder, curator and producer of FemTechnology Summit, which has since grown to include FemTechnology University Series and FemTechGuide.
Emma Ricci, Partnerships
Recent Master’s graduate in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University, with a certificate in Medical Device Design and a certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Emma is a multilingual, multinational, humanity-centric biomedical engineer aiming to shape the future of healthcare through inclusive medical device design.
Leopold Franz, Partnerships
Leopold is a PhD student at ETH Zurich studying the female reproductive system and working on advanced ultrasound image analysis and mathematical models to improve fertility treatments. In his free time, he is dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. He has set up a mentoring program for startups of the ETH Entrepreneur Club start-up incubator RocketHub. He was also on the organising committee of Launch the Entrepreneur Club’s start-up conference that had more than 2'000 attendees. Additionally, Leopold works with First Momentum Ventures to identify promising start-ups from ETH and Zurich. He is passionate about improving female health equity, investing in FemTech start-ups and supporting female founders.
Anna-Lena Sahler, University Series
Anna-Lena is currently a master's Student in Consumer Science at the Technical University of Munich and Student at the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM). She is passionate about solutions in the gynecological/endocrinological area and empowering students interested in this field to innovate like herself. She is currently working on an idea about non-hormonal contraception.
Allie Farmer, Partnerships
Allie graduated with her Bachelors in Business Administration from Chapman University and completed her Masters in Public Health from the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California in 2022. Her interest in Femtechnology began during her graduate studies as she learned more about how underrepresented women were in health research. The topic of her master's thesis centered on the lack of privacy regarding health data uploaded to period and fertility tracking apps focusing after the Dobbs decision in the United States. She is interested in the impact that digital health technology will have on improving our fragmented healthcare system. In particular she is passionate about Femtech companies solving for women’s reproductive health conditions such as PCOS, infertility and digital diagnostics for ovarian, cervical, and breast cancers.
Laura Locher, University Series
Laura is a swiss-german healthtech professional working at Microsoft Healthcare. Next to her master in Health Economics (KU) in Copenhagen, she was part of the Bio Innovation Institute working on strategic sourcing mechanisms for scientific women's health projects. Laura has an interest in identifying challenges within the development cycle of womens health therapies - (shedding light onto lack of data, lack of ownership, lack of financial commitment). Her main research space are contraceptives.
Laetitia Von Planta, University Series
Laetitia is currently a bachelor's degree student in Health Science and Technology at ETH Zurich. She believes in the great potential of FemTech for innovating technologies and tools that can improve women’s health, and wants to contribute to creating an ecosystem where FemTech can reach its full potential.
Xuanzi Jia, Sponsorships
Xuanzi is an MBA candidate with a concentration in Finance and Operations at the USC Marshall School of Business. She is working to build her career in women’s healthcare and technology innovation and FemTech. Prior to her MBA, she managed operations for a litigation consulting firm in New York and worked on FMLA related cases in plaintiff’s employment litigation in California. She is a passionate advocate of global women and girl’s health, access and education. Xuanzi graduated from Smith College and continues to be an active member of her women’s college network. During her undergraduate years, she took part in a civil liberties and public policy fellowship focusing on reproductive rights in the Bay Area and was involved in other public health related projects. She spends her free time heavily involved in community organizing for her women's college network and for the AAPI community (specifically for AAPI women and girls).
Sara Perelmuter, University Series
Sara is completing her MPhil in Translational Biomedical Research at the University of Cambridge, where her research focuses on fetal physiology in adverse conditions of pregnancy. Sara is passionate about women's reproductive health and reproductive rights, and aspires to apply her scientific knowledge to develop tools to improve women's health.
Meghna Gupta, Content
Meg is an M.S in Marketing Analytics candidate at the University of Southern California. Prior to attending USC, she worked as a digital marketing professional in the Bay Area where she ran digital paid media for a major health insurance company. Her interest in Fem Technology stems from personally experiencing bias when trying to seek healthcare, which forced her to be confronted by how prevalent gender bias is in the healthcare world. She hopes to utilize her extensive marketing experience to help scale FemTechnology’s vision globally.
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