We are building the future of women’s health  via 3 core initiatives: 

FemTechGuide, which matches women to the women’s health solution that solves their pain-point. 

FemTechnology Summit, bringing together ground-breaking innovators  (femtech start-ups, clinicians, corporates + researchers) to solve collective pain-points in women’s health with a 360 degree perspective.

FemTechnology University Series, forging the future of women’s health by scouting researchers + future founders in women’s health at universities across the globe to connect them to funding opportunities, help support the creation of solutions in women’s health and disseminate their insights to a broader audience.


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    Women’s health has been historically neglected, side-lined by society, viewed as an after-thought in research, medical practices and innovation as a whole – resulting in drastic real-world consequences.

    Women wait 4 years longer on average to receive a diagnosis for the same disease as men.

    Women get pain meds 16 minutes later in emergency settings.

    Women experience worse side-effects from meds in 90% of cases.


    To this day – women’s health is under-researched, under-invested, and under-taught in medicine.

    A ‘one-size fits all’ approach in medicine fits no one.
    It’s time for that to change.
    Modern medicine was not designed with women in mind.