What's FUN?

Femtech University Network (FUN) is the first-ever professional interest group that brings together university students and affiliates interested in pursuing careers in #femtech across the world.

A joint initiative between Oriana Kraft Lesley Farrah Dorwling-Carter Emily Otterbeck Nancy Li Madelyn Knowles Nicole Anderson  — Our shared mission is to promote education, future innovation, investment, and research in technology that addresses unmet needs in women’s health by facilitating inter-university collaboration.

Why join? 

· To access a network and pipeline of career opportunities for entering the femtech industry
· To share knowledge on femtech and related news in an open environment
· To facilitate interuniversity collaboration on entrepreneurial and academic projects related to women’s health
· To connect with motivated students, faculty, researchers and university-affiliates and maybe create femtech societies clubs / groups at your unis!
Apply to join our Slack channel (or share with someone you know who may be interested): 



FemTech provides a lens through which to examine the way care is currently delivered. 

These statistics and slides aim to showcase why innovation in FemTech is crucial to start closing the gap in quality of care between sexes.

Women wait 4 years longer on average to receive a diagnosis for the same disease as men. Women receive pain medication 16 minutes later in emergency settings. Women experience worse side-effects from medication in 90% of cases.
There are 5x as many studies into erectile dysfunction as PMS. Despite the fact that only 19% of men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction versus 90% of women that experience symptoms of Pre Menstrual Syndrome. In 2019 there were 1003 studies related to male sexual performance. There were only 178 studies dedicated to female infertility. Male prevalent diseases get two times the research funding dollars when compared to female prevalent ones. The risk of a heart attack misdiagnosis is twice as high in women.
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