We're building an integrated platform

How are we doing this? To start with, by bringing together the most exciting innovators in women’s health for a 360 degree perspective on innovation to solve collective painpoints and catalyze change.

Key Partners

Keynote by Teresa Graham, CEO Roche Pharmaceuticals

Who's attending:

What to expect

This year, in collaboration with Roche, we are hosting an invite only event for 150 innovators in women’s health. With a highly curated participant list, this year’s Summit leverages diversity of experience and the expertise of attendees to tackle pressing issues in women’s health together.


A starting point

The Summit is just the beginning of an ongoing conversation. In our goal to catalyse innovation in the women’s health space, continuous collaboration is key to driving the industry forward. 

Interested in attending?

Applications are closed for this year’s Summit, but we have a lot more in store for you that we would love to keep you in the loop for! Make sure to join our ecosystem to be in up to date on all things FemTechnology Summit. 

Unable to attend in-person?

We understand that attending in-person may not be accessible. For those who cannot attend we still encourage you to submit your work – whether that be your research or personal story. Aside from this being a way for you to join the discussion and be involved in future events, we can feature your work at the Summit itself. 

Workshop Facilitators

Silver Sponsors

Uni Series WebPage
The BioInnovation Institute Foundation (BII) is a commercial foundation with a non-profit objective. BII operates an incubator to accelerate world-class life science innovation that drives the development of new solutions within human and planetary health.
Light-it is a digital product agency that delivers custom healthcare web and mobile applications. We help our partners ideate, design, develop, and integrate disruptive healthcare products to improve the experience of patients and medical providers. Our mission is to create solutions that will impact the health system by combining product expertise, technical capabilities, and industry-specific regulations knowledge. We’re the tech partner you need. Let’s build the future of healthcare. We are strong believers in Femtech’s promise and its capacity to revolutionize women’s lives. Our team has collaborated with leading Femtech companies, such as Seven Starling and Mavida Health, by building innovative digital solutions that empower women and improve their health and well-being.

Curated Connection

  • With its highly curated participant list, this year’s Summit leverages diversity of experience and the expertise of Summit attendees to tackle pressing issues in women's health, together.

Sponsored Workshops

  • Explore co- creation and collaboration opportunities while coming up with viable ecosystem answers to a problem area in women’s health.

Leveraging Attendee Expertise

  • To maximise the experience and time of attendees, 1-1 Consults can be requested before the Summit to help connect who would be most useful to meet during the Summit.

New & Concrete Content

  • Women’s health suffers from a lack of awareness worldwide. FemTechnology Summit will disseminate to the public research and innovations of attendees gathered in Basel. Bespoke videos and interviews will be captured during the Summit featuring attendees on a diverse range of workshop topics.

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Can’t wait for this summer? Deep dive into our successful event last year.

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