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We bring together the most cutting-edge  players and payers for a 360 degree perspective on innovation in women’s health. 

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Innovation in women’s health requires an ecosystem approach. Redesigning healthcare so it works for everyone.

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What do we do?

FemTechnology Summit

Every year, we bring together the most exciting innovators in women’s health for a 360 degree perspective on innovation to solve collective painpoints and catalyze change.  

University Series

Building the pipeline of innovation in women’s health.

We scout and connect the next generation of researchers and founders in women’s health at academic institutions to help support their work, and disseminate their insights to a larger audience.

Join us in person in order to:

  • Have your research featured
  • Learn how to transition from research in women’s health to founding a startup
  • Hear more about BioInnovation Institute’s Women’s Health Initiative
  • Help us create a robust database of women’s health researchers
  • Connect with others interested in femtech & more!

FemTech Guide

Connect best in-class solutions in women’s health to women who need them most. More to come soon!   

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Throughout history women have been considered ‘aberrations’ from the norm, rather than a crucial and vital part of the population to be included in medical trials and long-term studies.


Women of reproductive age were often excluded out of the fear that menstrual cycles and changes in hormones could pose unnecessary complications and act as unpredictable variables.


This has resulted in missing data sets and a lack of understanding, diagnosis and treatment of many gynecological conditions that impact large swaths of the female population, as well as unwanted pharmaceutical side effects for non-gynecological diseases, delays in care, underdiagnoses or undertreatment.


However – be it by wearables, mobile apps, home testing devices or kits – this is beginning to change, with the emergence of companies beginning to collect large amounts of new data, conduct subsequent research studies and develop new means of treatment.

Deep Dives:

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    MOBILE ODT's cervical screening technology will support a national cervical cancer screening project in India

    Cervical cancer affects 1 in every 79 Indian women. India contributes to 1/5th of all cervical cancer cases in the world. The EVA cervical screening technology of Mobile ODT will support a national cervical cancer screening project in India. It will be the most comprehensive and largest cervical cancer screening program performed in India, to date. In the words of CEO, Leon A. Boston at the 2021 Summit: "The only way to make an impact on cervical cancer screening is with artificial intelligence. This is going to be a game-changer for cervical cancer across the world."

    Integrating gender into the curriculum of all Swiss medical schools?

    Carole Clair and Joëlle Schwarz, co- heads of the Medical and Gender unit at the University of Lausanne's Centre of General Medicine and Public Health (Unisanté), began introducing courses on the influence of sex and gender on health into the medical curriculum in 2019. They have now received funding from the umbrella organisation Swissuniversities to integrate gender into the program of all Swiss medical schools in collaboration with all Swiss medical universities.

    Cirqle Biomedical wins the 2021 Index Award

    The Index Project foundation focuses on design that solves real needs in society – ‘design to improve life.’ OUI were awarded the Index Award for their innovative non hormonal contraceptive. Based on a completely novel approach to birth control, the OUI capsule reinforces the natural mucus barrier that exists in the cervical canal thereby making ovulatory cervical mucus impenetrable for sperm cells. OUI encourages women to take ownership of their bodies by utilising the female body's own defences to aid birth control.

    InterUniversity Femtechnology

    What is it?

    The InterUniversity FemTechnology Challenge has a 21st design to engage University medical students with complementary disciplines: computer science, mechanical engineering, biomedical, social sciences … to innovate ignored and insufficiently solved challenges facing women’s health.

    Who can participate?

    Anyone currently enrolled in University; Bachelor, Master or PhD. Multidisciplinary teams are encouraged to contribute a diversity of perspectives and approaches to the solution. However, single applicants are also permitted. Team members will use research ideally being conducted at their own university to form the basis for the solutions they propose.

    Why should you participate?

    To help bring about real change! It's estimated that more than 90% of discoveries in medical innovation stay within academia and are not implemented to improve the lives of patients. That's a huge knowledge gap right there! Additionally, due to a variety of factors (lack of funding, historic exclusion from medical trials, sociocultural biases) women's health has been subjected to a lack of innovation. From fibroids to endometriosis to menopause to mental health - the possibilities to improve the diagnosis, care, knowledge and treatment surrounding women's health are endless - so why not you?

    When will it take place?

    The Kick-Off will take place in February. The Deadline for enrolling is at the beginning of March. At the end of the 3 month Challenge – teams will pitch their solutions to an interdisciplinary panel of Judges. The Winners of each Challenge will be awarded a prize as well as presenting at the FemTechnology Summit at the beginning of June.

    What are the topics?

    The topics are related to the main themes of the Summi:

    I. Disease Manifestation in Women: Chronic Pain, Depression

    II. The Environment and Female Reproductive Health: from PCOS to Infertility

    III. Differences in Immunity; from cyclical immunity to autoimmune diseases

    What will the Format be?

    Leading up to the Kick-Off Event in February, a series of introductory videos about each of the topics will be posted online, giving a brief overview of each of the topics, the core obstacle to each of the topics and how different interdisciplinary approaches provide unique opportunities to help solve the issues. Once the challenges have been announced and the teams enrolled - there will be an online session held every 2 weeks where teams will get feedback from the community, researchers and start-ups respectively.