Startups in the UK we’re excited about:

In Contraception:
Dama health are using pharmacogenetic research to offer women and clinicians personalised contraception recommendations using a genetic test and an automated matching system. They want to take womens’ medical preferences, medical history and specific requirements into account and match them up against suitable hormonal contraceptive medication types. 

To tackle PMS:
Samphire Neuroscience is a neurotechnology company whose first product is a device that can be worn as a headband. They want to use a form of non-invasive electrical neuromodulation to stimulate certain parts of the brain, and in doing so, alleviate some symptoms commonly associated with menstrual cycles: such as brain fog, fatigue, mood variability, and pain. 

In Maternal Health:
Tinto – a wellbeing app that helps women thrive throughout motherhood with support that’s tailored to them.

In Fertility :

Mojo – at home fertility test for men that can compute sperm count, sperm motility, the predominant shape of the sperm and other parameters like the integrity of the sperm’s DNA. It does this via a computer vision algorithm.

Hertility – an innovative health tech company that applies a precision medicine-based approach to reproductive health. 

Bea fertility: clinical grade, at-home fertility treatment delivered through the post, which includes pregnancy tests, fertility trackers and sperm donation pots and intracervical insemination (ICI) device – an insertion apparatus used to place silicone cup filled with sperm onto the cervix for at home insemination. 

Gaia fertility– is aiming to level the playing field for access to fertility care by offering a new way to pay for treatments, combining reproductive health data with financial technology to make IVF treatments more accessible, affordable and individual.

In Sports: 

Jennis is a daily movement coach for women that syncs the right movement to the 4 phases of your unique menstrual cycle.

For gynecological conditions: 

Syrona Health: a personalized digital health platform for chronic gynecological and uterine conditions like endometriosis, PCOS etc, offering it in part an employee benefits solution for the 45% of the workforce going through women’s health events

In the Menopause Space: 

Peppy – a  digital platform that helps employers give their people expert support for under-served areas of healthcare: menopause, fertility, pregnancy, early parenthood, women’s health and men’s health by connecting them to highly-qualified, human experts on the Peppy app – anytime, anywhere. Services include instant messaging, group chat, video consultations, live events and a library of resources.

Vira Health – a U.K. startup that offers personalized digital therapeutics for women going through menopause. 

Sexual well-being Startups: 

Ferly, empowering women on a journey to mindful sex, via exploration of their bodies and communication of what brings them sexual pleasure

Blueheart : providing digital sex therapy via an AI-powered app that provides research & science based sex therapy. A 2022 Efficacy Study of Blueheart found that members reported feeling 70% more connected with their partner after only two weeks.

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