Did you know 70% of those affected by chronic pain conditions are women – yet 80% of research into pain is conducted on male humans or rodents? This results in a very obvious data gap in terms of understanding how pain manifests in women (women are “significantly” more likely than men to be prescribed sedatives, rather than painkillers when in pain).
In the words of the NIH: “the historical lack of research focus on women’s health concerns has compromised the quality of health information available to women as well as the health care they receive.” Some of the most underfunded and under-researched diseases are ones that primarily or solely impact women (did you know that #endometriosis research only receives 1 dollar for every 200 dollars spent on Diabetes?)

That’s why we’re so glad to have the following terrific panelists tackling the #genderdatagap, by collecting data sets that have historically been neglected or omitted from health research:

Priyanka Jain, CEO + Co-Founder of Evvy (an at home vaginal microbiome test to help get at the root of recurrent vaginal infections and other symptoms.)
Research has shown that the composition of an individual’s vaginal microbiome is associated with the risk of: fertility issues, pregnancy complications like preeclampsia or preterm birth, gynecological cancers (ovarian, cervical, endometrial), STIs …

Anna Lee Co-Founder + Head of Engineering Lioness Health ( a sexual wellness company dedicated to championing female sexual pleasure and health). Lioness has the world’s largest data set in terms of female physiological sexual function.

Eric Dy, CEO + Founder Bloomlife Inc (a women’s health company designing remote prenatal care solutions to improve the health of women and babies.) Could more information about pregnancy and normal labor lead to better care, less invasive measures, improved birth outcomes, and lower cesarean rates?

The Gender Data Gap Panel at the FemTechnology Summit will be moderated by Yana Aznavour, MD, PhD, CEO + Founder of Endometrics an at-home test for non-invasive diagnosis of endometriosis.

Join Us for June 1 + 2 — The Summit is virtual & free to register : www.tinyurl.com/femtech22
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