Did you know that 1 in 6 couples experience infertility worldwide? The painfully low success rates of fertility treatments undoubtedly have a large part to play: IVF has a success rate of 32% for women under 35. And the success rate of IVF only declines with age: ranging from 4–11% for women over 40.

The uncertainty that comes with such odds can have a significant mental health toll on those undergoing treatment. Globally, 9 in 10 couples have reported feelings of stress, anxiety and depression while going through IVF cycles.

Fertility treatment can also have huge knock-on effects on other areas of people’s lives: 1 in 3 individuals who went through treatment revealed they considered leaving their jobs due to the burden it placed on their mental health. Couples are also three times more likely to divorce or break up after failed IVF treatments. And for some, going through IVF treatment can have mental health implications up to 20 years later.

The Wawa app wants to help change this by contributing to accelerating research within infertility and help create better conditions for those undergoing fertility treatment. They want to ensure better success rates, less side effects, and less impact on mental health. They want to close the data gap surrounding fertility treatment in order to create better and more successful courses of treatment for women and couples going through fertility treatment in the future by partnering with patients and some of the world’s leading researchers to develop breakthroughs in fertility treatment and reproductive health.

With the wawa app, the women using it are able to help create a data foundation for future research in infertility that can help solve the infertility crisis, optimise the process, and ease the consequences of being in treatment.

The above was an interview with Founder + CEO of WawaFertility, Cecilie Hvidberg Jakobsen by Oriana Kraft, Founder FemTechnology Summit.


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