Here at the FemTechnology Summit we believe innovation in women’s health needs to take a 360 approach (and be tackled from the research side, in industry, by consulting patients and adapting clinical practices). That’s why we love featuring startups tackling all aspects of female health – from diagnostics to therapeutics to management and even community.

Here’s a round-up of exciting FemTech startups tackling female hormonal health:

Hormonal Health FemTech Startups:

Eli is a Canadian FemTech Startup developing an at-home device that can capture daily hormone fluctuations from saliva and an app to provide insights tailored to each user’s unique profile.Hormones are core to women’s reproductive and general health, yet they remain a black box. Eli unlocks this box and puts women’s daily hormonal data in women’s hands. The company develops an at-home device that captures hormone fluctuations in saliva and an app that gives women the information they want to own their health decisions, every day and across life.

The Co-Founder + CEO of Eli, Marina Pavlovic Rivas, spoke at the 2021 Edition of the FemTechnology Summit on our panel Innovative Tracking and Screening Technologies. You can watch a clip here. 

Hertility is a UK FemTech Startup that applies a precision medicine-based approach to reproductive health to determine whether a hormonal imbalance may affect your fertility or chances of getting pregnant by measuring thyroid and menstrual cycle hormones. The CEO + Founder of Hertility Health, Dr. Helen O’Neill, 
will speak at the 2022 Edition of the FemTechnology Summit on our panel on The Future of Fertility. Get Your Tickets here.

inne is a German FemTech Startup. The Founder + CEO of Inne, Eirini Rapti, created the Hormonal Health Startup motivated by her own desire to use natural contraception, but realised that traditional natural fertility methods were almost impossible to use reliably in real life. She was determined to find a way of leveraging technology to enable all women to have a greater understanding of their bodies and take control of their contraceptive choices, so that they could make the most of their careers and relationships. Eirini set about developing a saliva biosensor device that enables women to identify and predict the fertile phase in their natural cycle. Based on her own experience and through multiple user interviews, Eirini understood that a new product had to be compatible with a busy daily life, simple and hygienic to use, and more insightful than the period-tracking apps already on the market.

She spoke at the 2021 Edition of the FemTechnology Summit on our panel on The Future of Contraception + Fertility.
You can watch a clip here.

And of course you can sign up for the 2022 FemTechnology Summit here  to find out about up and coming innovative FemTech Startups tackling the gender health gap, the future of care, fertility and much more!

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