Here at the FemTechnology Summit we believe innovation in women’s health needs to take a 360 approach (and be tackled from the research side, in industry, by consulting patients and adapting clinical practices). That’s why we love featuring startups tackling all aspects of female health – from diagnostics to therapeutics to management and even community.

Here’s a round-up of exciting FemTech startups tackling pelvic floor health (Did you know that the National Institute of Health found that about 25% of women have pelvic floor dysfunction? And that this number increases to include about 50% of women by 80 years of age?)

So here’s a round up of some top pelvic floor femtech startups :

Hyivy Health : Hyivy health creates a pelvic rehabilitee system for women experiencing symptoms from pelvic based cancers and diseases. Their system includes a multi therapy vaginal wand which uses biosensors for doctors and patients to track their rehabilitation progress and adapt treatment changes based on each patients specific diagnosis and needs.

Pelvic Gym : PelvicGym takes another approach providing, allowing their users access to a collection of video courses led by Pelvic Physical Therapists. They also understand that pelvic floor issues can have a variety of origins and so the courses really run the gambit content-wise:  Ranging from:
– help with dilators
– increased flexibility for sex
– painful penetration
-understanding the biological and psychological factors that affect sexuality
– strengthening your pelvic floor during and after pregnancy
– help with chronic pain conditions: endometriosis, posture help, tight pelvic floor
– bladder help

Fizimed: is a French FemTech Startup whose flagship product is a smart kegel trainer that can be used from home. The company aimsto team up with health care professionals and experts to come up with more effective and innovative medical solutions.

To discover more innovative and exciting FemTech startups sign up for the 2022 FemTechnology Summit here. We’ll be talking about tackling the gender health gap, the future of care, the future of fertility and much more! So join us for what’s slated to be one of the top femtech events in 2022!

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