Priyanka Jain

CEO + Co-Founder, Evvy

Priyanka is the CEO + Co-Founder of Evvy an at home vaginal microbiome test to help get at the root of recurrent vaginal infections and other symptoms.

She has always been passionate about leveraging data to improve outcomes for women.

She spent the past 4 years as Head of Product at pymetrics, where she focused on building algorithms to make hiring more fair, efficient, and transparent. She’s excited about the opportunity to create new datasets that will help us improve diagnoses and treatments for women’s health conditions that have gone under-researched for far too long.

Priyanka is also a spokesperson for the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up Campaign, Chair of the Acumen Fund’s Junior Council, and on the Innovation Board for the XPrize Foundation. She received her B.S. from Stanford University, where she was a Mayfield Fellow and President of Stanford Women in Business.