What Does the #Future of #Fertility look like? The fertility journey is notoriously difficult to navigate and impersonal. Can fertility be used as a global marker of health or marker of future health risks? IVF is often used as a one-size fits all band-aid – what will the future of fertility look like when ‘personalized’?
Medicine as a whole  is entering an era of personalization.

At the FemTechnology Summit our opening panel will be on the ‘Future of Fertility’, exploring how the fertility journey and gynecological diagnoses are being revolutionized (especially necessary considering 31% of women will suffer from a reproductive health issue at some point in their lives).

Lynn Westphal, Chief Medical Officer of Kindbody, a leading fertility and family-building benefits provider for employers offering comprehensive virtual and in-person care.
Dr Helen O’Neill, CEO + Founder of Hertility, an innovative health tech company that applies a precision medicine-based approach to reproductive health.
Lina Chan, CEO + Founder of Parla, a digital health platform putting data and knowledge in women’s hands, aiming to revolutionize and reframe the conversations around fertility and miscarriage.
Stasa Stankovic, PhD Genomic Medicine University of Cambridge, whose research focuses on understanding the genetic architecture behind reproductive ageing and fertility, and their link to later life cardio-metabolic health outcomes in women.

Join us June 1st for our opening panel at the FemTechnology Summit (www.femtechnology.org)
Free & virtual – attend from anywhere. Register here: www.tinyurl.com/femtech22
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