The following is an overview of initiatives started and run by Swiss Medical Students relating to sexual health taking place under the umbrella organization of swimsa (Swiss Medical Students Association).

Can you tell us briefly which swimsa initiatives tackle Sexual health?

Sure!  We have several that are all brought together by the Commission on Sexual Health (CoSH). Our initiatives are CLASH, Achtung Liebe and MedSexPlain which I will go into more detail in below.

Let’s start with CoSH – can you tell us a bit more about it? 

The Commission on Sexual Health(CoSH, previously SCORA CH) is a collaboration between five projects of the Swiss Medical Student’s Association (swimsa) working in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). It is integrated into the Standing Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV and AIDS (SCORA) of the International Federation of Medical Student Association (IFMSA) and aligns with their vision, namely “a world where every individual is empowered to exercise their sexual and reproductive health and rights equally, free from stigma and discrimination”. The main role of CoSH is coordinating the different initiatives taking place in Switzerland, advocate for Sexual Health by writting Policy Papers and provide national and international opportunities to swiss students regarding Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).”

Out of the five projects you mentioned are there some that are working especially on women’s health and rights? 

“Yes, that would be: MedSexPlain and CLASH. Both are initiatives centered on women’s Health and Rights as well as gender equality.

Can you tell us a bit more about both?