Detria Williamson

CMO at IDEO, Digital transformation & sustainability leader

Hi, I’m Detria.
Internationally recognized as a digital transformation & sustainability leader, I guide Fortune 500 companies and teams to success in creating sustainable and inclusive brands through circular design. As a C-Suite advisor and CMO I’ve established new internal behaviors amongst executives and teams ensuring sustainability is a primary driver for innovation which ultimately leads to impact and growth.
With a specific expertise in sustainability and marketing communications, during my time as Managing Director and Global Innovation Lead at Accenture Song, I was responsible for disrupting and creating ground-breaking, transformative sustainability initiatives for Google, Meta, Humana, Samsung, and Eli Lilly to name a few. While there, I led strategy initiatives rolling up to a $2.5B commercial target.
Informed by my experiences living and managing multi disciplinary teams around the world, from the U.S. and London to China and across the Middle East, I created ICx (inclusive customer experience) which enabled media powerhouses such as Google and Microsoft, to embrace inclusivity as an end-to-end element of their ecosystem therefore accelerating the performance of their sustainability targets.
As a keynote sustainability speaker for BMW, Facebook, Microsoft and Web Summit, I have inspired their purpose and planet positive impact initiatives.

Facilitating: Redesigning Healthcare with Women in Mind: a Lifecycle Perspective to Women’s Health