Why we're here

 As society begins to understand how women’s health is neglected – with devastating economic, health and social consequences – innovation in women’s health is burgeoning.


Women’s health is at an inflection point. We’re here to help you shape it.

A ‘one-size fits all’ approach in medicine fits no one.

Healthcare has to be reimagined. Opportunities abound. 





What makes us unique:

We’re Gen Z. 

Building the future of women’s health for the next generations:  creating a pipeline for innovation in FemTech . 

We catalyze, connect and shine a spotlight on key stakeholders to build the modern medicine we all deserve.  

What we do:

Shape the conversation.

Identify the latest trends and innovation happening in FemTech and explain how you can leverage them to help shape the future of health. 

Connect key stakeholders to catalyze collaboration and innovation.  

Is this for you?

Do you need an overview of innovation in women’s health?

Want to understand who key players are and how you can tap into FemTech? 

Would you like to see what potential synergies exist? 

Are you looking for strategic advice and insights from people on the ground, living and working in FemTech?   

Are you trying to figure out how to leverage and collaborate with researchers? 

Would you like to reach, catalyse and energise a college-age demographic?

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    Activities developed in partnership with clients to address challenges specific to their companies
    Invitation-only, topic-specific events exploring topics our networks highlight as urgent