FemTechnology features top FemTech Startups, researchers and doctors innovating in women’s health — culminating in an annual summit – to provide a 360 perspective on where the field is headed and where opportunities for improvement still abound. 

This year’s FemTechnology Summit will be  a hybrid event. The Panels themselves will be fully virtual – however there will be in person networking scattered across the globe.

The FemTechnology summit  brings together stakeholders across the whole ecosystem – offering up a platform to showcase the latest breakthroughs and best practices as well as patient needs. Experts and audience members originate from all around the world and are at various stages  in their FemTech journey – from seasoned veterans to enthusiasts, to simply seeking to understand what the term even means. 

The first edition of the FemTechnology Summit took place in May 2021 – bringing together 700 individuals from 36 countries with audience members ranging from medical students, to journalists, to professors, to startup founders. 

The Summit originated as a Bachelor Thesis in Medicine at ETH Zurich aiming to take attendees through the journey the producer of the Summit and medical student, Oriana Kraft, herself went through – being shocked by the state of women’s health in the 21st century, understanding where the gaps in knowledge lie, identifying what can and must be done to improve things – to finally being amazed and delighted by the incredible FemTech Startups in the space radically changing the game.

This 2022 edition of the summit aims to bring together even more passionate individuals and teams from diverse backgrounds to discover the burgeoning field of FemTech. 

Oriana Kraft conceived, curated and produced the first edition of the FemTechnology Summit as her Bachelor’s Research Project at ETH Zurich.  Since then she’s become passionate about improving women’s health; from startup ecosystems, to medical education and convinced of the need to connect the great innovations happening in FemTech with the huge remaining gaps in medicine for women, particularly connecting innovative solutions directly with the patients who need them most. 

Since graduating from ETH Zurich, Oriana decided to produce the second edition of the FemTechnology Summit, is working on a media project regarding the personalisation of women’s health and an Aggregator.

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